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Mette’s Christmas Miracle

The Story Behind Mette’s Christmas Miracle

“God will provide everything we need.” — Mette

BackgroundMette’s Christmas Miracle is the story of a small flock of sparrows that faced starvation during a Christmas blizzard. One of the birds, Mette, proves that God will always honor the faith of those that trust Him.

Summary – A small flock of sparrows lives near a small farming village in Norway. It was right before Christmas when a brutal storm covered the countryside and made it impossible for the birds to leave the safety of their tree to search for food. One of the younger sparrows named Mette challenges the other birds on their faith in God. He had always provided for them, why would this time be any different?

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The Terribly Scary Storm

The Story Behind The Terribly Scary Storm

“Boris learns a valuable lesson about fear when he faces a scary thunderstorm.” – Harrison Woodard

BackgroundThe Terribly Scary Storm is the 9th story in the Boris Kitty series. The real Boris was one of bravest cats I have ever known. He could climb any tree and stare down dogs three times his size. I once watched him chase two cats over the fence and out of the yard. The cat was fearless.

The only thing that gave Boris pause, was a thunderstorm. As the thunder got close, and the rain started, he would make his way into the utility room to wait out the storm in safety. On rare occasions, I could keep him on my lap for a few moments, but then a large thunder clap would end that quickly.

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The Adoption Miracle

The Story Behind The Adoption Miracle

“Boris learns that he must patiently wait for God to answer his prayer for a new home.” – Harrison Woodard

BackgroundThe Adoption Miracle, was the second story I completed in the Boris Kitty series. The story was based on actual events and came from my pondering what if animals had faith to pray for a home. I have always been bothered by caged animals. God made the creatures of this planet to live free. And wherever possible, I believe wild animals should be allowed to live in their native habitat, free from cages. Of course many dogs and cats have been domesticated to the point that living in the wild could be hazardous.

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