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Remember Goliad!

Goliad Massacre – Texas Revolution

For those who hate history, or specifically hate Texas history, read no further. For those who like myself see the benefit of remembering key moments in history, read on…

On Palm Sunday, March 27, 1836, under direct orders from General Santa Anna, nearly 400 Texas prisoners were executed by the Mexican Army.

What was the significance of this atrocity? It was one more egregious act on the part of Santa Anna that included the massacre of the Alamo’s defenders, as well as several smaller incidents throughout the Texas War of Independence. Here is a brief summary of the events surrounding the execution.

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Texas Independence

On March 1, 1836, 59 delegates met at Washington-on-the-Brazos and decided whether to declare their independence from an increasingly hostile Mexican government. By day 2, March 2nd, they had ratified and signed their declaration. The document listed several charges against Mexico including:

It denies us the right of worshipping the Almighty according to the dictates of our own conscience, by the support of a national religion, calculated to promote the temporal interest of its human functionaries, rather than the glory of the true and living God.

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