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Lend Me Your Ear – Jesus Restores the Ear of Malchus

My latest project involves the story of Jesus healing the chopped off ear of Malchus, a servant of the High Priest. During the arrest of Jesus, Peter pulled out his sword and swung wildly at Malchus who was part of the mob that had come for Jesus. Although the Bible does not say this specifically, I doubt Peter was aiming for the guy’s ear.

In the confusing confrontation between soldiers, servants and armed disciples, who no doubt were afraid for their lives, this incident could have exploded into a bloodbath. But since it involved Jesus, everything was contained. He was in complete control of all the events that evening.

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George Carlin On Religion – A Response

There is a reason that people have continually looked for something greater than themselves. To put it simply, there is something greater. One cannot rationally examine creation and not see the handiwork of a master designer. From the smallest organism to the heavenly bodies, everything has been designed to work perfectly within their prescribed place. And you want educated people to accept that this was all just some big cosmic accident? That would take a whole lot of faith.

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