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Though He Slay Me, I Will Hope In Him

I recently was having a discussion on a Christian message board about healing. It was very revealing how angry and passionate people were to prove that God does NOT heal. In fact, one of the arguments against healing was by someone that posted Job 13:15.

God might kill me, but I have no other hope. I am going to argue my case with him. — Job 13:15 <NLT>

Now why would anyone want to make their religious stand on these words of Job? And why, as it is translated by the NLT, would you love God if you thought He was likely to strike you down at any given moment? What kind of fellowship could you have with someone who might kill you for any old reason? It boggles the mind the poison that the enemy sows and religious tradition perpetuates!

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Lend Me Your Ear – Jesus Restores the Ear of Malchus

My latest project involves the story of Jesus healing the chopped off ear of Malchus, a servant of the High Priest. During the arrest of Jesus, Peter pulled out his sword and swung wildly at Malchus who was part of the mob that had come for Jesus. Although the Bible does not say this specifically, I doubt Peter was aiming for the guy’s ear.

In the confusing confrontation between soldiers, servants and armed disciples, who no doubt were afraid for their lives, this incident could have exploded into a bloodbath. But since it involved Jesus, everything was contained. He was in complete control of all the events that evening.

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