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In the Garden of Eden

And God Blessed Them

“Why Did This Happen To me?”

Its a question that gets asked far too often. And unfortunately, it is often coupled with a belief that tragedy, sickness, or death was sent by God. It is like a no-fault religion. A belief system that takes absolutely no responsibility for what happens in life. But as in the natural world, you have cause and effect. In the spiritual world, its called sowing and reaping.

This topic sometimes makes people uncomfortable. The opposite should be the case, especially for Believers. If you are prone to ask these types of questions, or question God, remind yourself of God’s ultimate will for mankind. This can be found throughout the Bible. But let’s look at Genesis 1 to get started – underlining added for emphasis.

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Though He Slay Me, I Will Hope In Him

I recently was having a discussion on a Christian message board about healing. It was very revealing how angry and passionate people were to prove that God does NOT heal. In fact, one of the arguments against healing was by someone that posted Job 13:15.

God might kill me, but I have no other hope. I am going to argue my case with him. — Job 13:15 <NLT>

Now why would anyone want to make their religious stand on these words of Job? And why, as it is translated by the NLT, would you love God if you thought He was likely to strike you down at any given moment? What kind of fellowship could you have with someone who might kill you for any old reason? It boggles the mind the poison that the enemy sows and religious tradition perpetuates!

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Though not the first to celebrate Thanksgiving in the new world, the Pilgrims have given us one of the first calls by civil authorities to give thanks to God...How can you ignore God’s role in our prosperity in a Thanksgiving message of all places?

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God Does Not Abuse His Children!

God Does Not Abuse His Children!

“My (sickness) is one of the greatest gifts that God has given me.” — A Theologian

Recently, I read an article by a prominent theologian that made the point that his sickness was a “gift from God.” I edited his statement above and do not list his name. The point of this is not to judge or condemn this man.

But I am fascinated by Christians who make statements like the above – accusing my Heavenly Father of child abuse. Has he ever read John 10:10? Satan is the one that kills, steals and destroys. Jesus came to give you abundant life! Jesus healed everyone who believed and he is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. You will never find anywhere in the Gospels an instance where Jesus made somebody sick. And remember, if you have seen Jesus, you have seen God!

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