I have been blessed with many wonderful opportunities throughout my career. At each stop, I met many wonderful people and learned so much.

Here, in resume format, is a brief summary of some of the things I have done. If you have a interesting marketing challenge and need someone with a very unique background, contact me. My email information is below.


Account Management – Over 10 years’ experience managing relationships with clients and licensors including: Coca Cola, Gruner + Jahr (Family Circle and McCall’s magazines), J.C. Penney, MGM/UA, Miramax Films, National Hockey League (NHL), National Rifle Association (NRA), New Line Cinema, Nokia, Playboy, SBC Communications, Twentieth Century Fox, Universal Studios, and Walt Disney
Advertising – Agency and client-side experience developing campaigns, promotions, and collateral
Digital Technology – History of utilizing Internet, mobile and IVR to accomplish marketing objectives
Marketing – Solid background in product development, licensing, and brand management


Promotional marketing firm and lead promotions agency for Nokia and Cricket Communications.

Account Executive – Developed promotions for Nokia and Cricket Communications, a regional CDMA carrier. Oversaw creative development to ensure strategic alignment with Nokia/Cricket goals. Evaluated programs for effectiveness in accomplishing sales goals and ROI.

Harrison – “Nokia was a great client. I always enjoy working with outstanding companies.”

Global digital consulting company focused on optimizing the customer experience across all digital media. Based in Helsinki Finland, Satama works closely with global leaders in mobile communications.

Key Account Manager – Responsible for the Nokia account in the Americas region. Worked with all business units selling consulting services, Internet and wireless web solutions.

Harrison – “Working with Nokia was a blast. The Finns are an interesting people and the experiences will stay with me forever. Finland is an absolutely gorgeous country.”

Direct marketing agency of record for SBC Communications, part of Omnicom Group Inc.

Senior Account Executive – Managed business-to-business advertising, alternate channel and affinity marketing programs for Ameritech, Nevada Bell, Pacific Bell, SNET and Southwestern Bell. Supervised an account executive and assistant account executive.

Harrison – “SBC was a great account. They were in the process of combining and centralizing the marketing efforts of several large companies. This was a challenging job, but I loved my clients.”

PERIVOX CORPORATION/AXIS MEDIA, Irving, Texas – Perivox – A marketing company specializing in creating focused, interactive communications between large organizations and their members or customers. Axis Media – A promotional marketing agency

Director of Marketing & Client Management – Managed the creation, licensing, and implementation of programs for Perivox clients including: Gruner + Jahr Publishing (Family Circle & McCall’s magazines), National Rifle Association, National Write Your Congressman, Playboy, and United States Junior Chamber of Commerce (Jaycees). Developed interactive programs designed to expand the communication capabilities of each organization, generate incremental revenue, provide a vehicle for research, expand brand awareness, and create a one-to-one relationship between the affinity group and each member. Supervised programming and platform partners. Developed interactive voice response (IVR) promotional programs for J.C. Penney and others.

Harrison – “I spent many days traveling from New York to Washington to Dallas, working with some fabulous accounts. I was a little apprehensive about Playboy, but they proved to be very professional, and one of the best companies that I have ever worked with. I am very proud of the products I created for Playboy. The NRA and Gruner + Jahr were a lot of fun. Try going from meetings at Playboy in the morning, to Family Circle in the afternoon, and finally the NRA the next morning. Talk about a culture clash. I had to be on my toes.”

CLASSIC GAMES, INC., Cherry Hill, New Jersey – Collectibles manufacturer

Product Manager – Basketball, Coca-Cola, multi-sport trading cards, and phone cards
Developed marketing plans for all assigned brands, presented products to sales force and key accounts, managed all aspects of product development including design, licensing, P&L, production, advertising, and promotions.

Harrison – “My second foray into the world of trading cards and collectibles. I got the opportunity to work with Coca Cola, Electronic Arts, and my first chance to dabble in telecom. Living in Southern New Jersey was an experience.”

PRO SET INC., Dallas, Texas – Trading card manufacturer

Associate Brand Manager – Hockey and non-sport trading cards
Responsible for licensor relations and development of marketing plans for all assigned products.  Implemented Pro Set sponsored hockey promotions such as the NHL Youth Parade, NHL 75th Anniversary All-Time Team, and the NHL Player of the Year. Managed category profit and loss of $50 million in sales and allocation of $4 million marketing budget.

Harrison – “My greatest pleasure was creating the Desert Storm set. I insisted that it be a balanced and educational set, featuring cards of Saddam Hussein and Tariq Aziz, dutifully supplied with biographical information by the Iraqi embassy. All the participating countries, leaders, and weapons were included. Only a couple of errors sneaked by. One in particular was pointed out by a retired Marine who noticed that a Marine in his dress uniform had his belt on backwards. It turned out that the film was flopped.”

“The NHL presented a challenge in that I didn’t speak French and the only hockey I had ever played was on a table top. With the help of great photographers and writers, I got up to speed quickly and learned to love the game.”

MOROCH & ASSOCIATES INC., Dallas, Texas – Dallas-based regional advertising agency

Account Executive – Responsibilities included account management of Twentieth Century Fox, Samuel Goldwyn Company, Walt Disney/Touchstone/Hollywood Pictures, MGM/UA, Miramax Films, Universal Studios, New Line Cinema, and Olsten Temporary Services.

Harrison – “Tom Moroch was an incredible advertising executive. I learned so much watching him work with clients. The man is truly gifted. I loved working in the film business.”


Fundamentals of Telecom Program
SMU Cox School of Business – Executive & Management Development

Graduate Study, School of Management

Bachelor of Arts – Advertising Management, History minor

LON MORRIS COLLEGE, Jacksonville, Texas – Associate in Arts

Contact me at: harrisonwoodard “@” – simply remove the spaces and quotation signs before and after the “@” sign.