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My Top 5 Favorite Songs From The 1980s

It was one of those social media requests that landed on my wall – Rank your 5 favorite songs of the 80s. On the surface, it seemed rather easy. That decade produced hundreds of hits, and launched the careers of dozens of music’s highest earning musicians, many still performing today.

While most would rattle off hits by the usual suspects (#1 singles/weeks at #1) – Madonna (7/15), Prince (4/10), Michael Jackson (9/27), Phil Collins/Genesis (8/15), and Lionel Ritchie (5/21). The 80s produced a plethora of options to consider.

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Towel Elephant

There Is A Way That Seems Right To Man

For many years the cry from the left was that you could not legislate morality. Now, they openly celebrate the Supreme Court doing exactly that. This latest attempt by the highest court to legislate from the bench has far reaching implications. The Federal government has made behavior, how one chooses to live, a protected class. It has also opened the door for all sorts of legal persecution of people of faith who recognize the Eternal consequences of those choices.

Marriage is not a legal right. The question should never have gone to trial. Marriage is a covenant, ordained by God between one man and one woman. That has always been the ideal. Adam was created first. Eve was taken from him. Meaning that the two together were one complete person. God, who knows the heart of individuals, brings them together in marriage to be a whole person – spirit, soul, and body. Anything that deviates from this original ideal leads to problems, as is obvious from the many examples in the Bible, and life itself.

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Green Is The New Gospel

In the 70s, my elementary school took a break from teaching necessary things like reading, writing, and arithmetic, to scare the britches off us kids about the coming ice age. Our biggest concern in life up to that point was what game would be played at recess. Now, it was how to escape the coming glaciers and make it to Mexico before we froze to death. While the cause of the coming disaster was not directly linked to human activity, there was certainly plenty of hints that it was related to modern society. And the solutions, less freedom, more regulation, and higher taxes, were not that much different than the ones claimed to be necessary to stop global warming, which paused over a decade ago.

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Freedom From Religion

Around every Christian holiday, I can count on seeing a post or two shared on Facebook from an organization whose mission in life is to be free from religion. Strangely, I strongly endorse their efforts – but likely not in the way they imagine.

To understand what religion is, you must travel back to the beginning. God created Adam from the dust of the ground and filled him with spiritual life. He placed His children in the Garden and gave them dominion over the Earth.

However, they weren’t alone for long. There was an enemy present, Satan. His rebellion before led to a catastrophic judgment of Earth, leaving it in darkness, and covered with water. This was the condition when God recreated the earth in Genesis 1. He was an outsider, an intruder, and had Adam or Eve exercised their authority, they could have sent him packing. Instead, he engaged in a conversation with Eve. And she listened to what he had to say.

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I Would Not Have You To Be Ignorant, Brethren

As a bored child in church, I would sometimes turn to the back of a hymnal to find anything to occupy my time. There you could find random lists of things like the corresponding dates to the next several decades or so of Easter Sundays. This was somewhat alarming because the list in one particular hymnal ended at the year 2000. In my youthful ignorance, I assumed that the hymnal manufacturer had inside knowledge of the End Times. Having sat through a few sermons on Revelation, and my own time in the book, this was a frightening prospect. Such is the power of religious tradition, and ignorance of God’s Word.

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Its The End Of The World As We Know It

In the press leading up to the new Nicholas Cage movie, Left Behind, I came across an interesting quote from someone described as a Christian philosopher. Now I am not quite sure what that is, but it can’t be good. Philosophers work in the field of philosophy, a word handed down by the Greeks (philosophia) which literally means “love of wisdom”. If that is truly the focus of this person’s endeavors, all would be well, since wisdom comes from God and is far superior to even the greatest knowledge of men. (Proverbs 2:1-15, 1 Corinthians 1:17-31, 3:18-20, James 5:1-8). However in practice, philosophy often gets stuck in the reasoning and foolishness of men. That would be very bad. Its the traditions and ideas of men that has led to so much confusion concerning God’s Word. Its the religious that have so confused the simplicity of the Gospel, and given us so many interpretations to divide the Body. God’s Word, His Truth, is designed to unite Believers. God is not the author of division, confusion, and strife. (1 Corinthians 14:33) Its the enemy that has twisted and confused God’s Word from the very beginning, causing the downfall of so many. (Genesis 3:1-4, 2 Corinthians 11:1-3) The enemy has the greatest success turning people away from God’s Truth, His Word, by working through religion.

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Do You Believe In Love?

The film Mirror Mirror (2012) was a reimagined version of the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs fairy tale featuring Julia Roberts, Nathan Lane, Sean Bean, and Lily Collins as Snow White. In the closing scene, the adorable Lily Collins performs a Bollywood-esque dance to her song titled “I Believe In Love.” The song is about romantic love, Snow White getting the prince, and of course ridding the kingdom of the evil queen.

If you missed the movie, here is the video of the closing scene. It really is a catchy little tune.

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George Carlin On Religion – A Response

There is a reason that people have continually looked for something greater than themselves. To put it simply, there is something greater. One cannot rationally examine creation and not see the handiwork of a master designer. From the smallest organism to the heavenly bodies, everything has been designed to work perfectly within their prescribed place. And you want educated people to accept that this was all just some big cosmic accident? That would take a whole lot of faith.

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Christmas Is Just Presents?

The decline and dismissal of Christmas. Why the Christmas holiday is still one of greatest celebrations in the history of mankind.

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My Favorite 80s Music Cover Songs

Cover songs for some of my favorite hits from the 80s. Featuring 311, Ace Of Base, Letters To Cleo, Alizee, No Doubt, Orgy and others.

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Ode To Blog Spam

Spam comments - the ridiculous and unusual in my spam comment folder.

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Moi C’est – Camélia Jordana

Moi C’est - A song by Camélia Jordana is today's Finnish Friday selection.

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Missä Muruseni On – Jenni Vartiainen

Missä Muruseni On - A song by Jenni Vartiainen, the music selection for Finnish Friday.

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Ehkä ensi elämässä – Johanna Kurkela

Ehkä ensi elämässä - A song by Johanna Kurkela, the music selection for Finnish Friday.

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Love Machine – Melissa Mars

Today's video selection for Finnish Friday is Love Machine, a post-apocalyptic search for love by Melissa Mars.

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Wovon Sollen Wir Träumen – Frida Gold

Wovon Sollen Wir Träumen – Frida Gold

Today, we travel to Germany for “Finnish Friday” and explore the music of Frida Gold. I’m not fluent in German, but I did muddle my way through three years of it in High School. Surprisingly, I do have a somewhat of a decent vocabulary. But when you never use it, it becomes challenging to understand conversation. Clicking on a German video every so often helps me practice and see how much I remember.

Frida Gold is the name of a quartet featuring the vocal talents of Alina Süggeler. This is my favorite song/video, but they have a second I enjoy as well called Zeig Mir Wie Du Tanzt (Show Me How You Dance).

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Baden-Baden – Chisu

Chisu – Baden-Baden

I once worked for a Finnish company which provided me the opportunity to travel there on four different occasions. The country is beautiful and I got to see it in each season. Finnish history and culture were both very interesting, and the language is quite unique as well. I also enjoyed the music. So on slow days, I search out what is popular in Finland and sometimes share it with friends. I call it Finnish Fridays.

My search has now expanded throughout Europe. I have always wanted to be a polyglot and really do enjoy when I come across a talented artist or good song and/or video that may not be known in the US.

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Writing For Women

As Per The Experts

Today, I received some training on how to effectively communicate with women. Naturally, this got me thinking. My readers are mostly women, so that must be why there are so few comments on my blogs – I’m not writing for my audience and you ladies just don’t understand me.

With that in mind, I will apply the following suggestions I learned today to all future blogs:

1. I will no longer focus on women’s likes and dislikes. Instead I will speak to your desires, needs and long term goals.

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Melissa Mars

I have always enjoyed other cultures and music. Even if I don’t understand the lyrics completely, if it is a good song, or an entertaining video, I like it.

Foreign languages have also been a hobby of mine. I am not fluent in any particular one. Well, I guess I do OK with English. I studied German for three years in high school. I took French one semester in college, as well as a half year of French in 7th grade as part of an advanced studies course. I have also had to work with many translators and foreign coworkers (Finnish, Japanese etc) over the years, so picking up a few words here and there has been pretty common. But mastery has alluded me. But I still like to try and decipher the meanings of songs I like.

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Thou Shalt Not Wear Short Skirts

When Religion Goes Bad

I was doing some research for a writing project based on Psalm 22. This is the Psalm quoted by Jesus on the cross. In it, David, by inspiration of the Holy Spirit, vividly reveals in precise detail some of the events surrounding the crucifixion of Christ. This is centuries before the actual event and hundreds of years before crucifixion was even widely practiced.  It is an amazing Psalm, but I digress a bit.

I came across a sermon that was quite good. But then, a third of the way through, the preacher goes off on a tangent on girls wearing short skirts, revealing attire, makeup, dancing etc. I stopped at that point.

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