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My Top 5 Favorite Songs From The 1980s

It was one of those social media requests that landed on my wall – Rank your 5 favorite songs of the 80s. On the surface, it seemed rather easy. That decade produced hundreds of hits, and launched the careers of dozens of music’s highest earning musicians, many still performing today.

While most would rattle off hits by the usual suspects (#1 singles/weeks at #1) – Madonna (7/15), Prince (4/10), Michael Jackson (9/27), Phil Collins/Genesis (8/15), and Lionel Ritchie (5/21). The 80s produced a plethora of options to consider.

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Ode To Blog Spam

Spam comments - the ridiculous and unusual in my spam comment folder.

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Writing For Women

As Per The Experts

Today, I received some training on how to effectively communicate with women. Naturally, this got me thinking. My readers are mostly women, so that must be why there are so few comments on my blogs – I’m not writing for my audience and you ladies just don’t understand me.

With that in mind, I will apply the following suggestions I learned today to all future blogs:

1. I will no longer focus on women’s likes and dislikes. Instead I will speak to your desires, needs and long term goals.

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How To Buy A Mattress

If they list the 10 worst things that people hate doing, buying a mattress is probably right between going to the dentist and divorce court. There are few things as dreaded as negotiating the terror that is finding the correct mattress.

I have had the pleasure of selling mattresses for almost a decade. I tell customers that I sell sleep, not mattresses. What I mean by that statement is I sell based on the Golden Rule – treat people the way I wanted to be treated. How does that work in practice?

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What Happened to the “Human” in Human Resources?

Early in my career I was fortunate to work for a wonderful businessman. His philosophy was very simple; “Treat everyone like they are your best customer, and they just might become just that.” I’ve tried to follow that advice throughout my career.

During this economic downturn, I have met many people who are looking for work. One common complaint is the lack of response from resume submissions. Let me explain. Imagine you are looking for work and find a listing that sounds interesting. You spend a couple of hours researching the company, customizing a cover letter and/or resume to fit the position, and then you send it to the company. And then, nothing happens. No call, no letter, no postcard, not even an automatic email reply is ever sent acknowledging your interest. Simply amazing!

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