Noah & Waverly A Scissortail Love Story

The Story Behind Noah & Waverly A Scissortail Love Story

“A young scissortail flycatcher named Noah learns that when he loves others and trusts God, he receives all his heart’s desires.” — Harrison Woodard

BackgroundNoah & Waverly A Scissortail Love Story is the story of two scissortail flycatchers that are brought together by God. Scissortail flycatchers are birds that live in the southern plains states during the summer and are easily spotted by their very long tail feathers.

Summary – When it was time for Noah to find a wife, he flew south to meet the bird of his dreams. But no matter how many tricks he performed or what he said, the female scissortails simply ignored him.

When he finally got focused on God and acting in love towards others, God was able to introduce Waverly, the perfect companion.

Christian Dating Without Christ Is Like Christmas Without Christ – I was led to write this story by several events. The way I met my wife can only be described as miraculous. Having gone through that experience, and then seeing Satan steal her away, brought about a more determined drive to understand God’s will for my life, especially in the areas of dating and marriage.

As a newly single man, I was amazed by the billions spent on matchmaking and even “Christian dating” and the many frustrations of single folks so desperate to find love. It seems that very few look to God to provide the perfect companion. This story was my first effort to share some of the wisdom I have found in God’s Word. I also created a page on Christian Dating that you might find interesting which digs deeper into God’s Word on the subject.

Did You Know? – Waverly, the main female character in the story, was named in honor of Waverly Spero. She is a lovely young woman I have known over the years. There are many things that are impressive about Waverly, but chief among these is her kindness.

Waverly, apart from being an awesome name, is Old English and means meadow of quaking aspens. I thought the meaning of the name only adds to the appeal of the story.

Noah is of course Hebrew in origin and means peaceful and wanderer. I thought both of those meanings were relevant to the narrative.

Biblical Theme – I usually go to God’s Word for inspiration for each story. Here is the verse selected for Noah & Waverly A Scissortail Love Story.

Then the Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper who is just right for him.” — Genesis 2:18 NLT

There are several themes in the story, but chief among these is that God (LOVE) is willing and able to connect you with the perfect person. If you trust Him, and act in love towards others, you will be blown away by what He will do for you.

Hope You Enjoy the story.



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