Hanna’s Parade

The Story Behind Hanna’s Parade

Hanna was a little sick donkey who desperately wanted to be healthy enough to work for her master. After meeting Jesus, she is healed and her dream comes true. — Harrison Woodard

BackgroundHanna’s Parade is a Palm Sunday children’s story about a little donkey that meets Jesus. Palm Sunday is of course the day that Jesus triumphantly enters Jerusalem for the last time just before his crucifixion. It has always fascinated me how fickle the crowd can be. They go from proclaiming Jesus their king, to demanding his death less than a week later.

But we can’t be too hard on these folks. They were spiritually dead and deeply under the influence of the devil. It wasn’t until after the Resurrection that they would have the opportunity to be spiritually born again and reconnected to God and spiritual truth.

The story seemed like an obvious candidate for an Animal Parable Bible Story since a donkey plays such a prominent role in the Palm Sunday story. I became determined to tell the story of this little animal and how her life was transformed by Jesus.

Summary– Hanna was a weak and sick donkey. Her owner, Boaz, did everything humanly possible to get her well, but nothing he did seemed to help. Hanna wanted to work like the other animals, but instead she could only watch as the rest of the donkeys carried their loads of merchandise into Jerusalem each day for Boaz. Donkeys are created to work and she wanted to carry her load!

She prays for a miracle. And a short time later, Boaz decides to tie her up near the gate. He thought that by seeing the travelers go by, she might at least feel a little stronger and happier. Boaz did not know that God had already put in motion an answer to Hanna’s prayer and this was just one small detail.

Two men came and took Hanna to Jesus. She had never been able to carry any weight and nobody had ever even attempted to ride her. She was a little afraid when they put blankets on her back and it became obvious that Jesus was going to ride her. Jesus reassured her by saying, “God’s power is strongest in those that are weak.”

She took that first step of faith, and then another. Soon she was marching her way at the front of a big parade all the way to Jerusalem. She was healed!

When they reached Jerusalem, Jesus gave Hanna back to Boaz. She was healthy and eager to carry the biggest load home that night.

Did You Know? – Hanna was the name of a coworker of mine I met in Finland. I really enjoyed my visits to Finland and have used several Finnish names in my stories.

Boaz is also the name of the family redeemer in Ruth. Boaz was a man of high character and I was inspired to use this name for Hanna’s owner.

Biblical Theme – I go to God’s Word for inspiration for each story. Here is the verse selected for Hanna’s Parade.

“I am the Lord who heals you.” — Exodus 15:26

This story is primarily about healing. While there were many available verses and stories that amplify the fact that God wants us well, Exodus 15:26 is simple and to the point.

Hope You Enjoy The Story. Happy Palm Sunday!

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