Author Commentary

Ever read a story and wonder where the author got the idea? Or were you ever curious about why the author chose certain names for their characters, and how their meaning might be relevant? Knowing the answer to these questions and others can really change the way you consider a story. Knowing the history, or background of the writer, or what they were thinking, or what they were doing when they got the idea for the story, can really change your perspective on the entire work.

I know there have been times after I have seen a film, or read a book, that I wanted to know more. And when I was able to hear an interview, or learn the backstory, my perception or appreciation of the story might change.

Also, during the last decade I have received requests from fans wanting to know more about my work. So, I thought it might be fun to share some of this information with my readers. It is my hope to eventually cover every single story or creative endeavor. If you do not see a link to your favorite story, keep checking and it may be added in the future.

Click on the links below for each commentary page and learn the story behind every story. Click on the category links to go to directly to the site and read all the available stories. You can get a complete overview of my creative endeavors at my Author Info page, as well as some of the other links to your left.


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Christian Short Stories

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Bible Stories, Children’s Songs, Christian Poems, and Sermons

Christian Children’s Songs – One post for all my songs


Most of my writing can be found on this blog and at Matney Woodard Entertainment. I hope you are inspired by everything you read.

May God Richly Bless You!