Ode To Blog Spam

Thank God that filters exist to weed out all the random blog spam.

What is blog spam you ask? It is the process where random comments are placed on blogs to create backlinks to another site. This is a necessary evil to get your blog to rank as high as possible in the search engines. A cottage industry exists that often outsources the work overseas whereby non-native readers post random comments with links to sites. There are also automated spam programs that create random sentences that do the same thing.

Going through my spam folder reveals some most unusual comments. (These are all unedited and appear as they were written by the respective authors)

First up, my personal blog:

On my Resume page, which is in fact a summary of my work history:

Your own shots are attractive,and do a excellent expression,extremely improbable projects! – There are no pictures and I’m not sure exactly what the rest of the comment means.

( obviously the girl does not know ) – Creepy.

On my post about the Civil War battle known as Gaine’s Mill:

Anyway regarding the Gadhafi comments… I agree. NATO is an evil organization that serves no purpose. “Money” and “Oil” are their main objective. – I did not know the Libyan dictator or NATO was involved in the war.

Another Civil War blog post – Beaver Dam Creek:

What was this proctor I saw at Best Purchase? I was at Best Buy looking a estimator and I interpreted this monitor, I cogitate it was gateway and it had a few pushes unofficially of it lighting up, It looked excellent. – OK?

I’m a huge victoria silvstedt fan – I don’t think Hugh Hefner was picking Playmates during the Civil War, but whatever. I guess the keyword Beaver triggered the comment?

On my About page:

I’d like to ditto Samantha in saying, “Join Right through Life Club!” – Your guess is as good as mine.


And from some of my Christian sites:

On a page about Christmas:

I am baffled by the data in this article I found it to be not just incredibly fascinating however it also made me think. It is hard now a days to locate related information to ones search, so I’m pleased that I found this blog – Christmas can be confusing.

From a post on King Jehoshaphat:

Jonice Inc can supply Dunk High Heel ShoesNike Dunk High HeelsNike Black High heelsNike brown high heelsNike high heel shoesnike discount high heel shoesDunk High Heel Shoesdunk white high heedunk high heel for sale and so on – Nike shoes were big back in the day.

On a post about the birth of Jesus:

Sometimes I really wonder about free sex… Hmmm. – Yep, thank you spam filter.

On a Boris Kitty story:

His “affair”is a pain in your heart foreverAffair eventsAlthough the pieces of your heart,Although you love him, he does not value you,Although you pay so much, but did not return, – Sounds pretty sad.

On a page about Palm Sunday:

I�m hungry!! mmmm hen Think it�s great!!! With a lil Texas hot sauce? – Now, I’m hungry.

advertising – Posted by someone calling themselves dented bumper – at least they were honest.


Imagine getting several hundred of those a day to weed through. Like I said, thank you comment spam filter for saving me.

I appreciate every real comment and approve most anything that is relevant. But the spam-bots and spammers sure do make a mess of blogging for the rest of us.