Missä Muruseni On – Jenni Vartiainen

Jenni Vartianen’s Missä Muruseni On, is the Finnish Friday video of the day. When I first started doing this, Jenni was one of the first artists I stumbled upon. And she has been a favorite ever since.

I always enjoyed Finnish music on my trips to Finland and thought it might be fun to see what the music scene was like today.

There are a few of her videos including Ihmisten edessä that are wonderful. But I really enjoy this one the best. The Finnish language is so beautiful and I only wish I could roll my Rs like she can.

The title means Where My Sweetheart Is. And as you can imagine, its a love song asking the wind to blow to where her sweetheart is and tell him that she loves him and is waiting for him. Very simple but powerful music and scenery.

You can see a full translation here

Hope you enjoy!