Ehkä ensi elämässä – Johanna Kurkela

Today, we travel back to Finland for “Finnish Friday.” This is a beautiful song and video.

From my very first music video way back in the day, I have always enjoyed videos that tell a story. Even if you don’t speak a single word of Finnish, you can appreciate the song and understand the emotions from this one.

The title of the song can be translated as “Maybe Next Time” or “In Another Life” might be even better. The song goes on to hope for a time they can be together again and embrace. Its basically a plea for a peaceful future together – at least that is how I understand it.

Finland is a gorgeous country with an interesting history. And although we only see a little scenery, it is still spectacular.

The medieval-inspired set, music and costumes only add to the videos impact. And of course the artist, Ms Kurkela, does a wonderful job both on screen and with the vocals. No big special effects, just a simple song and video that is stunning.

I hope you enjoy!