Writing For Women

As Per The Experts

Today, I received some training on how to effectively communicate with women. Naturally, this got me thinking. My readers are mostly women, so that must be why there are so few comments on my blogs – I’m not writing for my audience and you ladies just don’t understand me.

With that in mind, I will apply the following suggestions I learned today to all future blogs:

1. I will no longer focus on women’s likes and dislikes. Instead I will speak to your desires, needs and long term goals.

2. Conversation without demonstration is not effective in dealing with women. So from now on, I will endeavor to add pictures, videos, drawings or just very descriptive word-pictures.

3. Women care about things that are “crafted” and “designed” for them. Therefore, from now on, you can be sure that each blog I write will be perfectly handcrafted just for you.

4. According to studies, women seem to be more sensitive to “hedging” words like “probably, maybe and possibly.” Those qualifiers are now forever erased from my blog vocabulary. You can be certain that everything that I write is the absolute truth.

5. Women love a story. From now on, whether the topic is the news of the day, politics or just worthless drivel, every blog will contain an engaging anecdotal story. I will create a visual experience the ladies can relate to.

6. Women want to touch, feel and experience…. Actually I think men do too.

I will also be adding the following words to my blogs. The experts claim that women dig these words:

Luxurious, Unparalleled, Prolific, Superior, Extravagant, Superb, Magnificent, Elegant, Utmost, Marvelous, Spectacular, Impressive

It always makes me laugh to read what the “experts” have to say on a subject. It amazes me that people are paid to write and teach this kind of stuff.

Originally published July 11, 2008.