Love Machine – Melissa Mars

For today’s “Finnish Friday,” we cross the Maginot Line into France for the music of Melissa Mars.

The lovely brunette has already built a pretty nice resume from film to music to musicals. American readers might remember catching a glimpse of her in the movie From Paris With Love as the prostitute picked up by John Travolta’s character Charlie Wax.

In France, she is also known for her role as Aloysia Weber, an early love of Mozart, in the very popular rock opera based on his life. The videos I have seen from Mozart l’opéra rock are wonderful. I hope at some point in the future we can see it here in the states.

You can visit her site here. It is available in English. She has more background info as well as her latest video Et Je Veux Danser.

Before the above, she was making music including one of my favorite videos, Love Machine, seen below in both French and then English. I actually prefer the French version. You can click on the link under her name in the first paragraph above and see several more of her videos, interviews and musical performances.

How do you describe Love Machine? How about a post-apocalyptic search for love? That sounds about right.

The chorus of the English version says, “Love me now or let me die.” I know this song is most likely focused on romantic love, but I like looking for deeper meanings in lyrics. Mankind is spiritually dead without God’s love. But with God’s love in your heart, you experience eternal life now while on earth, and for eternity. Something to think about.

I hope you enjoy the videos!