Baden-Baden – Chisu

Chisu – Baden-Baden

I once worked for a Finnish company which provided me the opportunity to travel there on four different occasions. The country is beautiful and I got to see it in each season. Finnish history and culture were both very interesting, and the language is quite unique as well. I also enjoyed the music. So on slow days, I search out what is popular in Finland and sometimes share it with friends. I call it Finnish Fridays.

My search has now expanded throughout Europe. I have always wanted to be a polyglot and really do enjoy when I come across a talented artist or good song and/or video that may not be known in the US.

For today, I have chosen Baden-Baden by Chisu. The name refers to a city in Germany. The song of course is in Finnish. There are only about 6 million Finnish speakers in the world, which is less than the entire Dallas-Ft Worth metro area where I live!

The gist of the song starts out talking about the depressing economy. But then she gets the idea to bottle her tears and send them to the Sahara. Then the President (portrayed as the older women in the video) hears the idea and also thinks its a good way to stimulate the economy, but it would be better to sell the bottled tears to Europe.

So the nation cries and gets back on its feet -you get the idea.

Its a great little tune. And I really enjoy the video which just seems perfect for this song. I hope you enjoy it!