How Sarah Has Changed This Campaign

Over 70 million people tuned in to watch the VP Debate Thursday night. This was the most watched VP debate in history. And of all debates, this was 2nd only to the Reagan/Carter debate in 1980 (80 million).

According to Nielsen Media Research, the event drew 69,989,000 viewers, which the measurement company rounded to an official tally of 69.9. In addition, PBS estimates about 3.5 million watched its coverage.
Final: Palin-Biden the most-watched VP debate ever

Now one could suppose that the huge audience was drawn to the ever exciting career politician Joe Biden’s “extraordinary grasp” of complex issues. Or, we could forget what the mainstream media/Obama supporters say and acknowledge that people like Sarah. Not because she is hot…she is. But because she is not the Washington insider, Ivy league snob or political hack lying her way through another interview/debate trying to be something she is not.

Sarah Palin is a real person who wanted to make a difference. Starting out in the local PTA and then on her city council. From there, she became the Mayor of her town and then to a position on an oil & gas regulatory board. Tired of the corruption in her state, she ran for Governor and won! She cut taxes and actually rebated money back to Alaska taxpayers when the state had a surplus – when has that happened in Washington? Its no wonder that she is incredibly popular in her own state.

She is a Christian, believe it or not this is predominantly a Christian nation so sorry media, this is a positve for most folks. When government is full of corruption, it would be nice to have an honest person in charge to clean things up. She is a mother who has run a business and worked in the real world. In other words, she can identify with the average American in ways that pampered, elitist snobs never will. No matter how many photo ops at bowling alleys and folksy tales about restaurants that they routinely visit, but happened to have been closed for the last 25 years, Biden can’t relate to the majority of Americans.

And best of all, she loves America. She recognizes the greatness of this country. She is not angry and resentful. She sees America for all the good it can and will do in the world. Like most Americans, she is offended by folks, especially pastors, damning this great country. She bristles, like most Americans, when people say that after 40 years of enjoying all of America’s freedoms and prosperity, they are now proud of the US for the first time simply because their husband is a Presidential nominee. In a nutshell, Sarah, like most Americans, is a true patriot.

The reason her crowds keep growing and funds are flowing to the GOP is that people see the sincerity and the values that are missing from most candidates in her. She is not a manufactured “Manchurian candidate” controlled by a political machine and leftist ideologues. Her positions don’t change with the polls and she doesn’t say one thing in posh California homes and another in a coal mining town in West Virginia. She doesn’t lie because she doesn’t have to. She believes what she says and does what she believes. President Bush was the same way and the left hates him for it the same as Sarah.

Now if only John McCain would let Sarah go out even more and talk directly to the people this election would be over. Although it probably already is if the polls were done honestly and there wasn’t the rampant voter fraud among community organizers supporting their “agitator-in-chief.”

Hey John! Free Sarah!!

Originally published October 2008