Month: June 2011

Battle of Thermopylae

Battle of Thermopylae

I was fortunate to be one of the first to see the movie “300” opening day in Dallas. This was one of the few films scheduled for release in 2007 that I was eager to view. Needless to say, I was very impressed. It is based on a version created by Frank Miller of “Sin City” fame and while the film is quite embellished, it does follow closely the orginal story of the Battle of Thermopylae.

For those that don’t have any interest in history or just didn’t pay attention in school, here is a brief background on this important event.

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Remember Goliad!

Goliad Massacre – Texas Revolution

For those who hate history, or specifically hate Texas history, read no further. For those who like myself see the benefit of remembering key moments in history, read on…

On Palm Sunday, March 27, 1836, under direct orders from General Santa Anna, nearly 400 Texas prisoners were executed by the Mexican Army.

What was the significance of this atrocity? It was one more egregious act on the part of Santa Anna that included the massacre of the Alamo’s defenders, as well as several smaller incidents throughout the Texas War of Independence. Here is a brief summary of the events surrounding the execution.

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How Sarah Has Changed This Campaign

Over 70 million people tuned in to watch the VP Debate Thursday night. This was the most watched VP debate in history. And of all debates, this was 2nd only to the Reagan/Carter debate in 1980 (80 million).

According to Nielsen Media Research, the event drew 69,989,000 viewers, which the measurement company rounded to an official tally of 69.9. In addition, PBS estimates about 3.5 million watched its coverage.
Final: Palin-Biden the most-watched VP debate ever

Now one could suppose that the huge audience was drawn to the ever exciting career politician Joe Biden’s “extraordinary grasp” of complex issues. Or, we could forget what the mainstream media/Obama supporters say and acknowledge that people like Sarah. Not because she is hot…she is. But because she is not the Washington insider, Ivy league snob or political hack lying her way through another interview/debate trying to be something she is not.

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