Easter Sunday

There are no eggs or Easter bunnies here. This is a post about one of the most exciting events so far on this planet, the resurrection of Jesus!

What happened in Israel 2,000 years ago is the foundation of Christianity. Religions throughout the world have all sorts of rules and dogma telling you how you can earn eternal life or win the favor of their respective deity. Some require you to even murder “infidels” or sacrifice yourself to enter paradise. That is all foolishness in the eyes of God.

God knows that man is incapable of ever being good enough or earning salvation. The reason for this is that he is born spiritually dead, or separated from God (life). God is perfect and man will never be on his own. He needs a mediator, someone to legally bridge that gap.

Enter Jesus, the son of God being born as a man. He would live a perfect, sinless life under the Old Covenant, and then become the eternal sacrifice that would be our means of reconnecting with God.

By simple faith – believing God’s Word above our feelings and man’s opinions, we are spiritually reborn into God’s family. Man gets no glory because God did all the work. But that is exactly what love would do, right?

It seems so perfectly easy that only a theologian could screw it up. God pays the price so that we can be free! How awesome is that?

With salvation comes all the benefits of being “in the family” including fellowship, wisdom, healing, prosperity, joy, peace and of course love. You don’t have to wait until after death. These are all inherited immediately and are received by faith in what God promised you.

Jesus and the Word are one in the same. (John 1). If you really love God, you will spend time in the Word and see all that God has promised and receive everything in abundance by faith in him (the Word). Jesus came to give you life, in abundance, to the full, until it overflows. (John 10:10). That abundance is given so that you can share it with the world so they too can experience it in their lives.

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Have A Very Happy Easter!!