Who’s Your Spiritual Daddy?

I recently read an article that challenged its readers with a quiz. Taking violent verses out of the Koran and Bible, the challenge was to name the source for the verse. The object of course was to prove that all religions are inherently evil – at least I think that was the point.

I do agree that individual verses without context can be twisted to mean just about anything. If we are drawing a comparison strictly between Christianity and Islam, there is a much better comparison – look at the founder and the fruit. There is a major difference between the life of Christ and the life of the prophet. Islam was spread almost exclusively by violent attacks and has been at war with civilization for over 1400 years – wiping out Christians, Jews, Hindus and other faiths in their path. For a good chronology of the spread of Islam click here and here. Rape, murder and violence were established as acceptable behavior from the very beginning and have continued into the present day.

Contrast that with the life of Christ (the founder and head of the Christian Church) and the true example of Christianity. I challenge you to find anywhere in his life where he raped or stoned anyone, attacked any villages for financial gain or destroyed any towns – in fact he rebuked his disciples for even suggesting that thought. (Luke 9:51-54) He also said if you have seen him (Jesus) you have seen the Father. (John 14)

Jesus healed the sick, forgave sinners, fed the masses and promptly ended any funeral he came upon by raising the dead! In the end, he willingly gave his life for all mankind – even those that refuse God’s love and forgiveness. If you want an ideal man to imitate, you can’t find anyone more perfect than Jesus Christ.

You will know people by their fruit. There may be some that do terrible things in the name of God, but that does not mean they are doing God’s will. John 10:10 is the dividing line in the Bible. Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy. Jesus came to give life (God’s love life) and all its abundance. That is your measuring stick as to what is from God and what is not. By their actions, you will discern their true spiritual father.

By reading and meditating John 10:10, it becomes obvious there is a spiritual battle in this world and there is no such thing as neutrality. While you live on this earth you still have a choice of which team to join. Here’s a hint: One side has already won the war.

Everyone needs to ask – who is my spiritual father? If it is anyone other than Jesus, I would highly recommend an immediate change of heart.

Secularists like to drag out the tired trope that religion is the cause of all evil. And I would agree, if that religion was created and ruled by anyone other than Christ. Secularism is merely a modern form of idolatry that places the state, or even the individual, in place of God. I think I would prefer my chances with God and His morality based on love, rather than someone who thinks they are God.