Melissa Mars

I have always enjoyed other cultures and music. Even if I don’t understand the lyrics completely, if it is a good song, or an entertaining video, I like it.

Foreign languages have also been a hobby of mine. I am not fluent in any particular one. Well, I guess I do OK with English. I studied German for three years in high school. I took French one semester in college, as well as a half year of French in 7th grade as part of an advanced studies course. I have also had to work with many translators and foreign coworkers (Finnish, Japanese etc) over the years, so picking up a few words here and there has been pretty common. But mastery has alluded me. But I still like to try and decipher the meanings of songs I like.

Having given that long introduction, its on to the meat of this post. I came across a video by a French artist, Melissa Mars, and really enjoyed it. So I began looking up some of her other work. Some of it was really good, and of course some not so great. But the more I investigated, the more I became a fan. I especially enjoyed her work on a rock opera based on the life of Mozart that is running in French-speaking countries.

If you think you might be interested in this, you can learn more about her and see many of her videos at Melissa Mars. I hope you enjoy.