A Thunderstorm Lesson

A Thunderstorm Lesson

Today, I found myself reading in my bedroom when a late summer storm hit. Boris is usually terrified by storms, but this time he came and crouched on my lap. As the thunder and lightning intensified, he would start to move towards the utility room, his favorite “safe” place during storms. But I would talk to him and get his focus back on me and he would settle back down. Then there would be another clap of thunder, or more intensity in the rain, and he would take his eyes and attention off of me and back on the storm. This went on for almost the entire duration of the storm.

This was such an obvious lesson from God I had to immediately post it here. All Satan has is fear, lies and deception. As long as we have God’s Word in our heart (the Truth) we can overcome his lies. The thunder was scary, but as long as Boris was focused on me, he wasn’t afraid. Likewise, as we keep our focus on Jesus (the Word) we have no reason to be afraid.

How about some examples from the Word:

Numbers 21 – The Israelites were complaining yet again about their journey to the promised land. They claimed that Moses had brought them out into the desert to die. The Bible said that God sent poisonous snakes, but that is a mistranslation. Their own words opened the door for Satan and allowed him to bring destruction. Remember Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy. (John 10:10) And even God said that He put before them life or death, Blessing or the curse and then told them to choose life (Deuteronomy 30:15-20). How would they do that? With the words of their mouth.

When they repented and turned back to God, Moses placed a bronze serpent on a pole. All who looked on this type of Christ, were immediately healed. We are in an even better position after the resurrection because we have complete salvation through faith in Jesus.

Matthew 14 – The disciples were on a boat crossing the Sea of Galilee. A big storm threatened to sink them and they were terribly afraid. Jesus came to them walking on the water. Peter said, “Lord if its really you, command me to come to you.” Based on what he said, the only answer Jesus could give was “Come.” Otherwise, he would have been lying.

Peter stepped out of the boat and walked on the water! But the Bible says that he became distracted by the waves and the storm and took his focus off of Jesus. His fear caused him to start to sink. He cried out for Jesus who lifted him up out of the water and into the boat. Jesus asked him, “Why did you doubt?” Its a question we need to sometimes ask ourselves.

I recently had another experience that will help you understand this note. As we study God’s Word and confess His promises, Satan comes immediately to steal the Word. Why? Because God’s Word brings joy, salvation, deliverance, light and truth. Satan wants you in darkness, stumbling about and falling for his lies.

I was out with a friend when I looked down and saw her IPhone, which has a very large viewing area with the current time. It was after midnight and a thought came to me – its September 5th now. This was my parent’s anniversary and it just happens to have been my anniversary as well. Normally, this date brought about all sorts of satanic attacks and depression. But I’ve gotten better at recognizing his evil ways. A little while later a complete stranger came over and sat near me. The very first words out of her mouth were, “Where’s your wife?” My response was totally from evil inspiration as the devil had used this woman to speak words that might have been an innocent misunderstanding, but were like fiery darts that penetrated my shield of faith.

I repented and moved on from the experience, but it was a lesson well learned. Control your thoughts. Keep Jesus (the Word) in focus and inside you at all times. This will bring joy and peace. Remember the joy of the Lord IS your strength!

Originally published September 2010.